Friday, April 20, 2012

80s Black & White Polka Dot Dress

I seriously miss this dress looking at the pictures ;~;
*Not sure if the seller is still selling, but it was purchased through eBay :3

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Black 1950s Vintage Pleated Tulle Dress

I have a special treat for you ^.^  Yes, I know I had one last post xP but this is especially special because this dress was one of my bests~

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

3 Vintage Dress Find ^_^

So I know I haven't posted for the two days in keeping up with my month of cataloging my once upon a time collection, but I've got a very special treat for this particular occasion ^^

A few years ago, I happened to stop by Amvets; a particularly good thrift store for vintage finds *-*  And just my luck and fortune, I happened upon THREE perfectly good and lovely VINTAGE DRESSES *0*

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vintage All-In-One Black Lace Merriwidow Corset

I use to own this great corset.  An amazing black lace merriwidow corset *-*  And back then probably, and in my opinion, should be a staple in a girl's closet.

Friday, April 13, 2012

A 1950's Wedding Dress

One dress I will have to say I miss is this lovely white chiffon 1950's wedding dress~

I bought this dress on auction through eBay, again, at a time when I just shopped like mad.  Seriously!  What was I gonna do with a wedding dress?! @_@  But it was beautiful, and vintage, and that's all that mattered to me *-*  And typically my fashion isn't biased, so you never know?  I might have dared to pull off a wedding dress some how for some reason xD

The seller, Capricorn Vintage, has happened to have amazing pieces on auction *.*  And bidding during these times for this dress was competitive.  It was before the economy went south, and the market for Vintage was actually really good.  You could easily make hundreds off of one gooood dress :)  So it was kinda sad for me when at the time I tried reselling them to make amends towards my finances, the market was already gone :(

Anyways, considering a wedding dress, the price wasn't that bad ^_^

It was gorgeous *~*  Soft white chiffon, pleated at the bust, a lovely bow in back with a train following behind it~  Often it reminds me of Audrey's wedding dress in Funny Face *-*

She had even included it with a little note on the dress :3  It was my very piece that had a story to it! >w< and I was grateful she was kind enough to include it <3

I actually have worn it once too! :D  To bad it was nothing really special :/  I just really wanted to wear it! xP  I wore it to a Halloween party; everyone asked me what I was and I didn't really have an answer, I just wanted to wear the dress xP  And nothing fun happened either :|  I pretty much stood there with my friend.

These are sad sad stories for these dresses >.> the only interesting part I can really tell is how I came to own them xP

I have been reselling much of my collection to make up for the spending I had done and started looking to these pieces; which were sure to bring in a decent amount of income :3  The reason I thought was simply because I didn't wear it :(  It honestly stayed nestled in a box :(  And that's really no way for an amazing vintage dress to live! D:  I felt pretty selfish keeping a vintage 50s wedding dress for no bride to have her dream fully come true with it.

A time came around when I needed to scrounge around money for a plane ticket for my Bunny for some desperately needed vacation time with his friends and true home here.  And the quickest way to make cash is reselling directly to resale shops; so I sold my vintage pieces to Wear It Again Sam.  I could have gotten more for it had I sold them online, but I needed the money right away...

I like to think that it has gone to a bride who was excited and relieved at finally finding her dream vintage wedding gown for sale :3  Maybe it'll make its way back to me for mine xP

Monday, April 9, 2012

Goorin Bros. Downtown

Today I went with my brother to buy a hat at Goorin Bros. in Downtown, and man was I stunned 0.0

A simple hat shop, and it was GORGEOUS!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lolita Rain Boots ^_^

My friend of The Lost Lola is always scouring ModCloth and just happened to come across this finding and posted to our SD Lolita community these fantastic Lolita rain boots! *-* 
As I have posted mine in the past; Juicy Couture's Loliable rain boots, these are much more on the affordable side ^w^

At $39.99, that's just about a $100 savings from mine! 0.0

And featured in black, these will surely suit many outfits ^_~

Topped with a cream bow, these boots are simply darling at an affordable price to assure no meet is never called off due to rain  ;)

*Update: woo!  Check out these other bow boots post on Style Redux *-*

Ted Baker Bow Boots

Saturday, March 24, 2012

GLW Contest

I've finally submitted a photo to the Gothic Lolita Wig Model Search Contest :)

I've submitted to two categories, both Lolita & Glamour ^^

And I've finally received my purchase of Innocent World's Lauretta Rose JSK this past weekend and wore it to Anime Conji :)

I will be making a post about that shortly ^_^  But please help me out and vote for me on both!  And feel free to spread the link around! ^.^

Photo by Mr. Brian Figueroa :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

OOTD: Innocent World British Bears

Beret: Forever 21
Wig: GLW
Blazer: Guess
JSK: Innocent World
Boots: T.U.K 

Hunger Games & These Panda Bloomers

I went to a midnight showing of the Hunger Games with a couple of the Lolita girls; in which only one of us was in Lolita and the rest of us weren't in the mood to dress in it.  I wanted to dress in something different, but at the same time fun--caught a glance at these while surveying my closet, and I have been wanting to wear them since I got them :3
Mine's look a bit angry though :o  I don't know if I have to fluff up the yarn a bit more xP  What was exciting to find out was that the eyes were pockets! :D
Wig: GLW
Top: Victoria's Secret
Shorts: eBay
Socks: eBay
Shoes: Montreal
Ahh~ I'm so in love with Japanese fashion *-*  Well, when I try to step it up with the gyaru styles from ViVi :3  I feel like it's way more fresh then what American fashion has to offer--at least here when I go out in the small piece of America I live in xP
 Ahh~ and I am so in love with this wig! *-*  Its like, my favorite *________*  I bought it just because of how great it looked on Doll Delight and guessed it to go better with my skin tone, because the pink x blonde split wig that was so popular didn't end up looking so great on me :/
Otherwise, I feel like this outfit was such an accomplishment :3  I like seeing my progressions through fashion; such as the example with Lolita fashion--I know we've all noticed the timeline of how we've improved through it as we become better experienced with it ^_^

Gyaru and other venues of Japanese fashion, I'm still trying to figure out xD

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Keepsake The Label

This is an amazing label I came across at a lovely boutique in Downtown, Dolcetti.

I'll have to take a picture of it sometime because it has an amazing grand staircase *-*

Paired with lace-up ballerina flats, it makes an absolutely fabulous alternative looking ballerina dress ^_^
The material is simply silky, and the lining--just as creamy *0*
With tiny bits of peek-a-boo detailing, this dress makes a great airy, but beautiful spring dress, that easily transitions into evening outings ^.~
Overall, the quality of the material of this dress is simply true to their 'label' pricing; extremely smooth fabric, silky lining, and the cut hangs perfectly~

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Innocent World: Lauretta Rose JSK - Dusty Pink

Ahh it came! *-*
I wanted this dress and really wanted to make it mine :3  It was the first one I ever posted a want to buy ad for o.o  And though I felt I might not have had my chance at it for a bit, it actually wasn't too bad of a wait :3  Maybe it took a month to get a response?  I was super fortunate that a kind girl answered my post with a link to an auction for it on Yahoo! Japan Auctions x3  So grateful to her <3
I actually go it at a good price and it included the head bow right along with it ^^
This new piece to my collection actually makes me feel my aging into Classic Lolita xP  It's utterly romantic; subtle and feminine enough to pass through the muggle's common fashion, but still lovely enough to be it's own entirely ^^

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Emily Temple Cute - Mermaid Print Skirt

Horray! It came in today! :D

I totally forgot about it for a moment xP  Since shipping was going to take a bit of time coming from New Zealand :3
Packaged nice and neatly ^.^
I remember first coming across this piece on a girl wearing it in a post on the daily_lolita :)  And mind you, she did a stunning job! *0*  I wish I still had the picture or link to it :(
Ever since I was a kid I've always loved mermaids--I wanted to be one!  The Little Mermaid was my FAVORITE MOVIE!  I watched it almost everyday and sang the songs everywhere I went--even in the bathroom * embarrassing note on me >.>
AMAZING art by Brittney Lee!  Check out her blog!  
Funny how this print wasn't exactly a dream print of mine.  I did admire the art very much :3  But at the time, I wasn't really too fond of the colors :/  But after quite some time, and some ideas on how I could coord it, it came at an opportunity when the price was reduced and good for me ^o^

And just in time!  I plan to wear it to a Fancy Nancy tea party on her new book regarding mermaids!  How fabulously fitting! >w<  And if you haven't yet heard about Fancy Nancy, it is a popular children's book series which I was introduced to by my mother, when she presented a calender of hers for my birthday xD  She said she reminded her of me when I was a child and I pretty much got hooked from there xD

My first ever Emily Temple Cute piece! :D  >Besides the tights xP  Would've been nice if my first piece was the one on my current checklist but I know it'll come in time ^_^
One thing I am surprised about is how incredibly simplistic the skirt really is :o  Almost like you could have gotten it handmade through a commission :o  Just a simple stretch band at the back, flat in front, cotton print, and lace trim o.o

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Its Almost Here!

Ohmyglob--so excited!

Just got the invoice for the EMS shipping of my Innocent World Lauretta Rose dress *0*  I'm so effing excited! >w<

At first I thought I was going to have to wait 3-5 days for my payment to go through @_@ since I typically don't have a PayPal balance :O  But I lucked out with a purchase I was refunded for because I haven't received it :(  I hope by chance I still happen to get it ._.

If she doesn't take too long to ship it out, maybe it'll be here in time for our Victorian picnic we'll be having this Saturday :o  Then I'd really have a dilemma in choosing what to wear xP *Lolitaproblems xP

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Emily Temple Cute - Chocolate Printed Tights

It came in today! :D

Yayyyy \(`-`)/
Looking at them made me want to eat some chocolate xP

They were packaged so nicely ^.^  I loved how it was so clean and simple--no fluff xP
And they really were tights! :O  I didn't realize they came in two different forms, because they looked like separate socks from the picture o.o
And bows in back! *-*  Simply charming >w<

When I first came across these in Herajika's pictures, I didn't know they came with a back seam of bows, but after I saw them, it just made them that much more adorable! *w*

And apparently they are hard to find o.o  I guess I was pretty lucky to come across them when they were posted :3

Now all I need is this:
Send a message over my way if you have it or a link on where to get it! *-*
This is also a dress that is on my current wishlist/check list xD

Now what to wear the tights with right now?

I was thinking maybe my Innocent World British Bears JSK?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Updates to Look Forward to! :D

Be sure to keep a look out for these up coming updates! :)

Photo via Nessaneko
Photo via Herajika

Juliette et Justine - Mere Vierge

It came in today~
Packaged neatly in a blue plastic bag.
My very first Juliette et Justine piece :3

A friend told me about their packaging and service, and that it matched the quality of their label.  So I was excited to find out for myself :D

I wish I had gotten one of their bags though :P

I never knew tissue paper could be so soft *.*
+ I'm so excited to receive one of their catalogs!  Of all the rest, I feel their's is the most beautiful ~

Overall it is incredibly beautiful with creamy fabric *~*  It feels utterly delicious ^w^

Checking out & receiving confirmation wasn't too bad; and I received it in a timely matter with communication on its shipment & link to its tracking :3  The only minor detail was the mix up in my address number :x  At least it arrived to me still! :D

I knew that the measurements of the dress, and my being short would mean the dress stopping just above my ankles, but after looking through their dress possibilities in their catalog prior to--paired with some simple, classic, grown-up girl heels~ its a lovely lady-like ensemble ^.^