Saturday, March 17, 2012

Innocent World: Lauretta Rose JSK - Dusty Pink

Ahh it came! *-*
I wanted this dress and really wanted to make it mine :3  It was the first one I ever posted a want to buy ad for o.o  And though I felt I might not have had my chance at it for a bit, it actually wasn't too bad of a wait :3  Maybe it took a month to get a response?  I was super fortunate that a kind girl answered my post with a link to an auction for it on Yahoo! Japan Auctions x3  So grateful to her <3
I actually go it at a good price and it included the head bow right along with it ^^
This new piece to my collection actually makes me feel my aging into Classic Lolita xP  It's utterly romantic; subtle and feminine enough to pass through the muggle's common fashion, but still lovely enough to be it's own entirely ^^

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