Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games & These Panda Bloomers

I went to a midnight showing of the Hunger Games with a couple of the Lolita girls; in which only one of us was in Lolita and the rest of us weren't in the mood to dress in it.  I wanted to dress in something different, but at the same time fun--caught a glance at these while surveying my closet, and I have been wanting to wear them since I got them :3
Mine's look a bit angry though :o  I don't know if I have to fluff up the yarn a bit more xP  What was exciting to find out was that the eyes were pockets! :D
Wig: GLW
Top: Victoria's Secret
Shorts: eBay
Socks: eBay
Shoes: Montreal
Ahh~ I'm so in love with Japanese fashion *-*  Well, when I try to step it up with the gyaru styles from ViVi :3  I feel like it's way more fresh then what American fashion has to offer--at least here when I go out in the small piece of America I live in xP
 Ahh~ and I am so in love with this wig! *-*  Its like, my favorite *________*  I bought it just because of how great it looked on Doll Delight and guessed it to go better with my skin tone, because the pink x blonde split wig that was so popular didn't end up looking so great on me :/
Otherwise, I feel like this outfit was such an accomplishment :3  I like seeing my progressions through fashion; such as the example with Lolita fashion--I know we've all noticed the timeline of how we've improved through it as we become better experienced with it ^_^

Gyaru and other venues of Japanese fashion, I'm still trying to figure out xD

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