Sunday, August 29, 2010

The First Check Mark Ever :O

I first saw the BTSSB Bunny Milk & Snow Strawberry print in San Francisco, on my first trip there in the beginning of the year, visiting my honey bunny ^~^ And I fell in love~

Ugh, but for $230 for a skirt @_@ That was just not happening x_x I wanted the skirt in white. I wouldn't even have had the money at the time to buy it on the spot while I was up there @_@ But I put it on my wishlist with all my hopes of having it *~*

The only one I had found online at the time I first came upon it was a JSK and a large. On top of that she too was looking for the skirt and only wanted to trade ;___;

During July, I began to wonder if the the store might still happen to have it and if it would be on sale this time since quite some time has passed. I meant for any of my friends who would be there on the way to check for me, which by the time became August, I learned that they would be having a lucky pack sale for their one year anniversary. Ooooo *o* they might have it in there! :O I thought. And they did. I came across it through a post on ca_egl.

Bianca had already moved up there and I happen to be able to have a chat with her and brought up the lucky packs going on sale. It wasn't a guarantee that she would be able to make it there to get me one, which wasn't a big deal to me since Christina was going up there in a week. But the concern was the possibility of them selling out by the time she got there x_x

I maintained watch over the comm sales for two weeks; for postings on the skirt I wanted. I even posted a want ad along with my sales post--no response to that concerning the skirt >.>

Only a little bit here and there, would sales posts come up for the print I wanted, but neither in the color I wanted nor the size =_=

The JSK in brown though became a combination I started falling for though *~*

Christina was leaving for her trip and I gave her the money for my lucky pack. While she was up there, I kept tabs on a sales post that was auctioning the print in white as a JSK and a medium. It would have to be my last resort.

Saturday came and she had called me to tell me they had sold out. No worries, because I was now on my back-up.

Ending on Sunday night, I was scared of having to fight for it--jacking up the price x_x But there ended up being only 3 bidders including me, ending at a decent price too :3

Oh I was excited because I knew I was getting it that week! :D Because she lived in California too, I knew by the time she shipped it, I would receive it within two days :D

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh~ Here it is, my first Baby dress and the print I've been wanting for the longest time *w* Prominently displayed on my mannequin, and complimented with a gold strawberry locket I already owned! :D

It feels so good because, I'm so proud of myself that I actually stuck to the goal I had planned out for myself and saw it through :D I searched that community looking only for Baby, and anytime something pretty came across me, or I could've spent my money on small indulgent snacks to please me that very moment, I'd remind myself, "No, I have a goal!" XD

It certainly has brought back my confidence for the other things I want in my life, reminding me how to use the Secret again in my life ^_^

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bunny Milk & Snow Strawberry

I'm starting to like the Bunny Milk & Snow Strawberry print by Baby The Stars Shine Bright (BTSSB) in brown ._. and a JSK no less :/

When I first wanted this print, it was when I first went to San Francisco for me & Bunny's one year anniversary and I intended on visiting the Baby store while I was there. I even mentioned this in my post about it--I don't normally fall in love with so many brand prints, but this one made the list--and I wanted it.

I wasn't going to buy it there though; it wasn't the kind of money I have to spend ._. I figured and
hoped I'd eventually come to own it one day used through the egl_comm_sales. I still looked, and it wasn't a print that was easily being sold and easily procured :[

The first one I saw and fell in love with was the skirt in white; skirts are cheaper too :3 Nothing too greedy; simple and modest.

It has now been 7 months passed and now that lucky packs are being given out through the Baby store in San Francisco, and yes it is possible to get this print through the lucky packs, I went on a search to find it through the comm sales. (My best friend will actually be going up there this weekend to try to get me one... So here goes my luck o.o).

One of them that was listed was a large JSK in brown with the matching bonnet. It was pretty cute but not the color I wanted, nor the clothing type; not even in my size! But I felt myself falling for it a bit :( Now what? x[ Which one do I like? :O I still love the white--it's simply too affectionately romantic with winter~

I told Chobit Twin to still stick with my first choice, as it was my first love XD My second choice would be a lucky pack with a JSK. A girl on the ca_egl community was advertising to trade colors. She has the brown JSK with the matching bonnet, but it's still not my size (>.<) Ah~ either way, she wouldn't sell it to me because she's still trying to have the same print :p

Wouldn't it be wonderful, and greedy of me, to have both! *0* Ah~ If I want that to happen, I simply have to wait and be patient. That's the terrible thing about the way I think and my personality; I get afraid that nothing I want will be mine--that things get easily taken away from me ;~; I wonder where that feeling comes from? I know it's me lacking a sense of security...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Je Veux Que Ce Papillon

So I know I haven't posted in awhile. I've just gained two more followers which gives me a bit more of an incentive to keep updated with this XD

Its been awhile, and I looked around wondering what's been on my mind lately. But before I was about to close and shut down my computer, there it was--something recent, saved right there onto my desktop XD

Posted by Dizzybliss: A Luly Yang dress...

Consider me shot--

--just as the scene in Kamikaze Girls.

I...want...this dress...
--I want it so bad ;~;

Purchasing this dress is, by default, impossible @~@

When I really want something that is not in my cards to get, (designer brands), I scheme up of ways to obtain it = how can I make this? o.o

I actually don't feel intimidated by this dress, I think I can do it.

The skirt looks painted o.o Something I've never done before, but luckily have a craft magazine, that thankfully I kept for just these occasions, which has a piece on painting on fabrics :3

I do think through other possible options; it seems this would be the only way it would come out right, and I actually don't mind it like I normally would with other things. Maybe it's because it has an artistic feel to it that makes it okay XD

I must go into the production of this :O