Sunday, August 29, 2010

The First Check Mark Ever :O

I first saw the BTSSB Bunny Milk & Snow Strawberry print in San Francisco, on my first trip there in the beginning of the year, visiting my honey bunny ^~^ And I fell in love~

Ugh, but for $230 for a skirt @_@ That was just not happening x_x I wanted the skirt in white. I wouldn't even have had the money at the time to buy it on the spot while I was up there @_@ But I put it on my wishlist with all my hopes of having it *~*

The only one I had found online at the time I first came upon it was a JSK and a large. On top of that she too was looking for the skirt and only wanted to trade ;___;

During July, I began to wonder if the the store might still happen to have it and if it would be on sale this time since quite some time has passed. I meant for any of my friends who would be there on the way to check for me, which by the time became August, I learned that they would be having a lucky pack sale for their one year anniversary. Ooooo *o* they might have it in there! :O I thought. And they did. I came across it through a post on ca_egl.

Bianca had already moved up there and I happen to be able to have a chat with her and brought up the lucky packs going on sale. It wasn't a guarantee that she would be able to make it there to get me one, which wasn't a big deal to me since Christina was going up there in a week. But the concern was the possibility of them selling out by the time she got there x_x

I maintained watch over the comm sales for two weeks; for postings on the skirt I wanted. I even posted a want ad along with my sales post--no response to that concerning the skirt >.>

Only a little bit here and there, would sales posts come up for the print I wanted, but neither in the color I wanted nor the size =_=

The JSK in brown though became a combination I started falling for though *~*

Christina was leaving for her trip and I gave her the money for my lucky pack. While she was up there, I kept tabs on a sales post that was auctioning the print in white as a JSK and a medium. It would have to be my last resort.

Saturday came and she had called me to tell me they had sold out. No worries, because I was now on my back-up.

Ending on Sunday night, I was scared of having to fight for it--jacking up the price x_x But there ended up being only 3 bidders including me, ending at a decent price too :3

Oh I was excited because I knew I was getting it that week! :D Because she lived in California too, I knew by the time she shipped it, I would receive it within two days :D

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh~ Here it is, my first Baby dress and the print I've been wanting for the longest time *w* Prominently displayed on my mannequin, and complimented with a gold strawberry locket I already owned! :D

It feels so good because, I'm so proud of myself that I actually stuck to the goal I had planned out for myself and saw it through :D I searched that community looking only for Baby, and anytime something pretty came across me, or I could've spent my money on small indulgent snacks to please me that very moment, I'd remind myself, "No, I have a goal!" XD

It certainly has brought back my confidence for the other things I want in my life, reminding me how to use the Secret again in my life ^_^

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