Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Juicy Couture Experience

The Best Lolita Rain Boots In The World

My first Juicy Couture purchase~ :3

I was pretty excited xD

Its just one of those things where it's partially because it's a pricey brand, and if the purchase experience is as royally fitting as the store set up and image of the collection is xD

--I even took a picture of the store to commemorate my first time xD

How it all came about was a simple shopping-hang-out-day with a girlfriend of mine. Browsing the shops, I came upon their pair of rain boots . . . InCREdiBLy CUTE rain boots! >~<

Now, from time to time, there are a few specific things I am looking for that I don't easily find to my liking :| And therefore becomes a prolonged search for the one.

There was one other time before these, when I was looking for a specific sweat pant style; I literally COULD NOT FIND this style of sweat pants! O_O Then one casual browsing day in Victoria's Secret--I FIND IT! :D

"$40 for sweatpants! >:O" Well, because I've been looking for these for such a long time ._. I'll get them--

~And me and the sweat pants lived happily ever after xD

These were a must have.

$130, is quite a price tag for a pair of rain boots... But we know this is brand pricing--and for me, it wasn't too bad of a price I was willing to pay :3

It was a couple of weeks of diligently holding onto the money I made from my sales before I could make the amount I needed to buy them :3

Once the shopping day came, a sales associate and I both gushed with each other like girlfriends over how cute these boots were, previous shopping experiences, and precautions for avoiding regrets on missed purchases in the future ;) I loved her; she ~made~ my experience (`-`)

I not only left with my very own Juicy Couture rain boots, but the shopping bag that is now an added souvenir ^_^

Royally packaged as the label entails ^_^