Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Emily Temple Cute - Chocolate Printed Tights

It came in today! :D

Yayyyy \(`-`)/
Looking at them made me want to eat some chocolate xP

They were packaged so nicely ^.^  I loved how it was so clean and simple--no fluff xP
And they really were tights! :O  I didn't realize they came in two different forms, because they looked like separate socks from the picture o.o
And bows in back! *-*  Simply charming >w<

When I first came across these in Herajika's pictures, I didn't know they came with a back seam of bows, but after I saw them, it just made them that much more adorable! *w*

And apparently they are hard to find o.o  I guess I was pretty lucky to come across them when they were posted :3

Now all I need is this:
Send a message over my way if you have it or a link on where to get it! *-*
This is also a dress that is on my current wishlist/check list xD

Now what to wear the tights with right now?

I was thinking maybe my Innocent World British Bears JSK?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Updates to Look Forward to! :D

Be sure to keep a look out for these up coming updates! :)

Photo via Nessaneko
Photo via Herajika

Juliette et Justine - Mere Vierge

It came in today~
Packaged neatly in a blue plastic bag.
My very first Juliette et Justine piece :3

A friend told me about their packaging and service, and that it matched the quality of their label.  So I was excited to find out for myself :D

I wish I had gotten one of their bags though :P

I never knew tissue paper could be so soft *.*
+ I'm so excited to receive one of their catalogs!  Of all the rest, I feel their's is the most beautiful ~

Overall it is incredibly beautiful with creamy fabric *~*  It feels utterly delicious ^w^

Checking out & receiving confirmation wasn't too bad; and I received it in a timely matter with communication on its shipment & link to its tracking :3  The only minor detail was the mix up in my address number :x  At least it arrived to me still! :D

I knew that the measurements of the dress, and my being short would mean the dress stopping just above my ankles, but after looking through their dress possibilities in their catalog prior to--paired with some simple, classic, grown-up girl heels~ its a lovely lady-like ensemble ^.^

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Bag!

I've been on the look out for a new bag :3  As the one I have has been showing it is overworked :p

I maintained patience in waiting to find a bag I was truly happy with and at only a glance out the store after a purchase from Juicy, I noticed their Country Club Miss Daydreamer bag *.*

Ohh I wanted it right away!  But we were on our way to watch Beauty & the Beast in 3D before I could get a look at it :(

As soon as I got home, I searched for it on their site.  I decided that it would be my birthday present to myself ^.^

I wasn't sure on the velvet, if I'd like it, or if I was even okay with the color, since I was so set on navy--but I didn't like their navy version, and it was mainly the bows that tugged on my heart strings x3

So here it is, on the day of my birthday, immediately after work, I set on my way to the store and purchased my very first costly Juicy Couture bag *-*

*Note: For some time I was not a person to spend so much on a bag.

I love it so much and I'm so amazingly happy with it :D  I feel quite special with it--like I'm on par with other women who fancy expensive designer bags.

Either way, it's so cute and looks particularly regal with Lolita ^.^