Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Emily Temple Cute - Chocolate Printed Tights

It came in today! :D

Yayyyy \(`-`)/
Looking at them made me want to eat some chocolate xP

They were packaged so nicely ^.^  I loved how it was so clean and simple--no fluff xP
And they really were tights! :O  I didn't realize they came in two different forms, because they looked like separate socks from the picture o.o
And bows in back! *-*  Simply charming >w<

When I first came across these in Herajika's pictures, I didn't know they came with a back seam of bows, but after I saw them, it just made them that much more adorable! *w*

And apparently they are hard to find o.o  I guess I was pretty lucky to come across them when they were posted :3

Now all I need is this:
Send a message over my way if you have it or a link on where to get it! *-*
This is also a dress that is on my current wishlist/check list xD

Now what to wear the tights with right now?

I was thinking maybe my Innocent World British Bears JSK?


  1. i'm so jealous of those tights! i've been eyeing them for so long!~ chocolate is definitely my favourite!

  2. I hope you find them too! I absolutely adore all the chocolate print themes that have been popular in Lolita lately ^^

  3. Hi dear~ I'm jealous too! I have the chocolate and toys JSK in pink. If you ever resell the tights let me know!