Monday, February 27, 2012

Juliette et Justine - Mere Vierge

It came in today~
Packaged neatly in a blue plastic bag.
My very first Juliette et Justine piece :3

A friend told me about their packaging and service, and that it matched the quality of their label.  So I was excited to find out for myself :D

I wish I had gotten one of their bags though :P

I never knew tissue paper could be so soft *.*
+ I'm so excited to receive one of their catalogs!  Of all the rest, I feel their's is the most beautiful ~

Overall it is incredibly beautiful with creamy fabric *~*  It feels utterly delicious ^w^

Checking out & receiving confirmation wasn't too bad; and I received it in a timely matter with communication on its shipment & link to its tracking :3  The only minor detail was the mix up in my address number :x  At least it arrived to me still! :D

I knew that the measurements of the dress, and my being short would mean the dress stopping just above my ankles, but after looking through their dress possibilities in their catalog prior to--paired with some simple, classic, grown-up girl heels~ its a lovely lady-like ensemble ^.^

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