Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lolita Rain Boots ^_^

My friend of The Lost Lola is always scouring ModCloth and just happened to come across this finding and posted to our SD Lolita community these fantastic Lolita rain boots! *-* 
As I have posted mine in the past; Juicy Couture's Loliable rain boots, these are much more on the affordable side ^w^

At $39.99, that's just about a $100 savings from mine! 0.0

And featured in black, these will surely suit many outfits ^_~

Topped with a cream bow, these boots are simply darling at an affordable price to assure no meet is never called off due to rain  ;)

*Update: woo!  Check out these other bow boots post on Style Redux *-*

Ted Baker Bow Boots

Saturday, March 24, 2012

GLW Contest

I've finally submitted a photo to the Gothic Lolita Wig Model Search Contest :)

I've submitted to two categories, both Lolita & Glamour ^^

And I've finally received my purchase of Innocent World's Lauretta Rose JSK this past weekend and wore it to Anime Conji :)

I will be making a post about that shortly ^_^  But please help me out and vote for me on both!  And feel free to spread the link around! ^.^

Photo by Mr. Brian Figueroa :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

OOTD: Innocent World British Bears

Beret: Forever 21
Wig: GLW
Blazer: Guess
JSK: Innocent World
Boots: T.U.K 

Hunger Games & These Panda Bloomers

I went to a midnight showing of the Hunger Games with a couple of the Lolita girls; in which only one of us was in Lolita and the rest of us weren't in the mood to dress in it.  I wanted to dress in something different, but at the same time fun--caught a glance at these while surveying my closet, and I have been wanting to wear them since I got them :3
Mine's look a bit angry though :o  I don't know if I have to fluff up the yarn a bit more xP  What was exciting to find out was that the eyes were pockets! :D
Wig: GLW
Top: Victoria's Secret
Shorts: eBay
Socks: eBay
Shoes: Montreal
Ahh~ I'm so in love with Japanese fashion *-*  Well, when I try to step it up with the gyaru styles from ViVi :3  I feel like it's way more fresh then what American fashion has to offer--at least here when I go out in the small piece of America I live in xP
 Ahh~ and I am so in love with this wig! *-*  Its like, my favorite *________*  I bought it just because of how great it looked on Doll Delight and guessed it to go better with my skin tone, because the pink x blonde split wig that was so popular didn't end up looking so great on me :/
Otherwise, I feel like this outfit was such an accomplishment :3  I like seeing my progressions through fashion; such as the example with Lolita fashion--I know we've all noticed the timeline of how we've improved through it as we become better experienced with it ^_^

Gyaru and other venues of Japanese fashion, I'm still trying to figure out xD

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Keepsake The Label

This is an amazing label I came across at a lovely boutique in Downtown, Dolcetti.

I'll have to take a picture of it sometime because it has an amazing grand staircase *-*

Paired with lace-up ballerina flats, it makes an absolutely fabulous alternative looking ballerina dress ^_^
The material is simply silky, and the lining--just as creamy *0*
With tiny bits of peek-a-boo detailing, this dress makes a great airy, but beautiful spring dress, that easily transitions into evening outings ^.~
Overall, the quality of the material of this dress is simply true to their 'label' pricing; extremely smooth fabric, silky lining, and the cut hangs perfectly~

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Innocent World: Lauretta Rose JSK - Dusty Pink

Ahh it came! *-*
I wanted this dress and really wanted to make it mine :3  It was the first one I ever posted a want to buy ad for o.o  And though I felt I might not have had my chance at it for a bit, it actually wasn't too bad of a wait :3  Maybe it took a month to get a response?  I was super fortunate that a kind girl answered my post with a link to an auction for it on Yahoo! Japan Auctions x3  So grateful to her <3
I actually go it at a good price and it included the head bow right along with it ^^
This new piece to my collection actually makes me feel my aging into Classic Lolita xP  It's utterly romantic; subtle and feminine enough to pass through the muggle's common fashion, but still lovely enough to be it's own entirely ^^

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Emily Temple Cute - Mermaid Print Skirt

Horray! It came in today! :D

I totally forgot about it for a moment xP  Since shipping was going to take a bit of time coming from New Zealand :3
Packaged nice and neatly ^.^
I remember first coming across this piece on a girl wearing it in a post on the daily_lolita :)  And mind you, she did a stunning job! *0*  I wish I still had the picture or link to it :(
Ever since I was a kid I've always loved mermaids--I wanted to be one!  The Little Mermaid was my FAVORITE MOVIE!  I watched it almost everyday and sang the songs everywhere I went--even in the bathroom * embarrassing note on me >.>
AMAZING art by Brittney Lee!  Check out her blog!  
Funny how this print wasn't exactly a dream print of mine.  I did admire the art very much :3  But at the time, I wasn't really too fond of the colors :/  But after quite some time, and some ideas on how I could coord it, it came at an opportunity when the price was reduced and good for me ^o^

And just in time!  I plan to wear it to a Fancy Nancy tea party on her new book regarding mermaids!  How fabulously fitting! >w<  And if you haven't yet heard about Fancy Nancy, it is a popular children's book series which I was introduced to by my mother, when she presented a calender of hers for my birthday xD  She said she reminded her of me when I was a child and I pretty much got hooked from there xD

My first ever Emily Temple Cute piece! :D  >Besides the tights xP  Would've been nice if my first piece was the one on my current checklist but I know it'll come in time ^_^
One thing I am surprised about is how incredibly simplistic the skirt really is :o  Almost like you could have gotten it handmade through a commission :o  Just a simple stretch band at the back, flat in front, cotton print, and lace trim o.o

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Its Almost Here!

Ohmyglob--so excited!

Just got the invoice for the EMS shipping of my Innocent World Lauretta Rose dress *0*  I'm so effing excited! >w<

At first I thought I was going to have to wait 3-5 days for my payment to go through @_@ since I typically don't have a PayPal balance :O  But I lucked out with a purchase I was refunded for because I haven't received it :(  I hope by chance I still happen to get it ._.

If she doesn't take too long to ship it out, maybe it'll be here in time for our Victorian picnic we'll be having this Saturday :o  Then I'd really have a dilemma in choosing what to wear xP *Lolitaproblems xP