Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lolita Rain Boots ^_^

My friend of The Lost Lola is always scouring ModCloth and just happened to come across this finding and posted to our SD Lolita community these fantastic Lolita rain boots! *-* 
As I have posted mine in the past; Juicy Couture's Loliable rain boots, these are much more on the affordable side ^w^

At $39.99, that's just about a $100 savings from mine! 0.0

And featured in black, these will surely suit many outfits ^_~

Topped with a cream bow, these boots are simply darling at an affordable price to assure no meet is never called off due to rain  ;)

*Update: woo!  Check out these other bow boots post on Style Redux *-*

Ted Baker Bow Boots

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