Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Emily Temple Cute - Mermaid Print Skirt

Horray! It came in today! :D

I totally forgot about it for a moment xP  Since shipping was going to take a bit of time coming from New Zealand :3
Packaged nice and neatly ^.^
I remember first coming across this piece on a girl wearing it in a post on the daily_lolita :)  And mind you, she did a stunning job! *0*  I wish I still had the picture or link to it :(
Ever since I was a kid I've always loved mermaids--I wanted to be one!  The Little Mermaid was my FAVORITE MOVIE!  I watched it almost everyday and sang the songs everywhere I went--even in the bathroom * embarrassing note on me >.>
AMAZING art by Brittney Lee!  Check out her blog!  
Funny how this print wasn't exactly a dream print of mine.  I did admire the art very much :3  But at the time, I wasn't really too fond of the colors :/  But after quite some time, and some ideas on how I could coord it, it came at an opportunity when the price was reduced and good for me ^o^

And just in time!  I plan to wear it to a Fancy Nancy tea party on her new book regarding mermaids!  How fabulously fitting! >w<  And if you haven't yet heard about Fancy Nancy, it is a popular children's book series which I was introduced to by my mother, when she presented a calender of hers for my birthday xD  She said she reminded her of me when I was a child and I pretty much got hooked from there xD

My first ever Emily Temple Cute piece! :D  >Besides the tights xP  Would've been nice if my first piece was the one on my current checklist but I know it'll come in time ^_^
One thing I am surprised about is how incredibly simplistic the skirt really is :o  Almost like you could have gotten it handmade through a commission :o  Just a simple stretch band at the back, flat in front, cotton print, and lace trim o.o

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