Friday, April 13, 2012

A 1950's Wedding Dress

One dress I will have to say I miss is this lovely white chiffon 1950's wedding dress~

I bought this dress on auction through eBay, again, at a time when I just shopped like mad.  Seriously!  What was I gonna do with a wedding dress?! @_@  But it was beautiful, and vintage, and that's all that mattered to me *-*  And typically my fashion isn't biased, so you never know?  I might have dared to pull off a wedding dress some how for some reason xD

The seller, Capricorn Vintage, has happened to have amazing pieces on auction *.*  And bidding during these times for this dress was competitive.  It was before the economy went south, and the market for Vintage was actually really good.  You could easily make hundreds off of one gooood dress :)  So it was kinda sad for me when at the time I tried reselling them to make amends towards my finances, the market was already gone :(

Anyways, considering a wedding dress, the price wasn't that bad ^_^

It was gorgeous *~*  Soft white chiffon, pleated at the bust, a lovely bow in back with a train following behind it~  Often it reminds me of Audrey's wedding dress in Funny Face *-*

She had even included it with a little note on the dress :3  It was my very piece that had a story to it! >w< and I was grateful she was kind enough to include it <3

I actually have worn it once too! :D  To bad it was nothing really special :/  I just really wanted to wear it! xP  I wore it to a Halloween party; everyone asked me what I was and I didn't really have an answer, I just wanted to wear the dress xP  And nothing fun happened either :|  I pretty much stood there with my friend.

These are sad sad stories for these dresses >.> the only interesting part I can really tell is how I came to own them xP

I have been reselling much of my collection to make up for the spending I had done and started looking to these pieces; which were sure to bring in a decent amount of income :3  The reason I thought was simply because I didn't wear it :(  It honestly stayed nestled in a box :(  And that's really no way for an amazing vintage dress to live! D:  I felt pretty selfish keeping a vintage 50s wedding dress for no bride to have her dream fully come true with it.

A time came around when I needed to scrounge around money for a plane ticket for my Bunny for some desperately needed vacation time with his friends and true home here.  And the quickest way to make cash is reselling directly to resale shops; so I sold my vintage pieces to Wear It Again Sam.  I could have gotten more for it had I sold them online, but I needed the money right away...

I like to think that it has gone to a bride who was excited and relieved at finally finding her dream vintage wedding gown for sale :3  Maybe it'll make its way back to me for mine xP

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