Wednesday, April 18, 2012

3 Vintage Dress Find ^_^

So I know I haven't posted for the two days in keeping up with my month of cataloging my once upon a time collection, but I've got a very special treat for this particular occasion ^^

A few years ago, I happened to stop by Amvets; a particularly good thrift store for vintage finds *-*  And just my luck and fortune, I happened upon THREE perfectly good and lovely VINTAGE DRESSES *0*
 I panicked freaking out because they were simply an absolutely amazing find!

A pretty good business to go to, and something I mingle in myself, is hunting, buying, and selling vintage :)  So when you can come across them at great places like a vintage store, you can certainly make a decent profit from them ^^

I feel a bit silly admitting this, but I ran around trying to figure out where the heck I could hide them :O  Because one of the small inconveniences with Amvets is that it's cash only; they had an ATM but I couldn't for the life of me remember my pin @_@  But I was able to resolve it with a quick phone call ^^  On my way back to the dresses though, a woman started looking at the very one that was particularly the best @_@  Oh my gosh, I was seriously acting like Rebecca from Confessions of a Shopaholic; except not so overt mind you xD  I only casually browsed around her and she kindly gestured to me to check it out since I was already taking a look at the other vintage dresses *~*  She said, "It's better for someone younger ^^" and handed it to me.  Waahhh! *~*  Thaaank you! o_o <3
Confessions of a Shopaholic
So there I was with three vintage dresses well worth under $100 and over, and priced from $15 and under *-*

The lacey one I believe I only wore once and to church, it wasn't particularly my favorite, and it was actually a size too big :|
The black & white polka dot was quite comfortable, fitted, and always reminded me of Audrey Hepburn ^-^  I don't think I've really worn it on any memorable special occasion, mostly out casually :)
And my favorite, a lovely yellow & white embroidered detailed dress--the perfect image of 50s vintage *-*  I can think of two occasions I've worn this to.  The first was on a day nearing my boyfriend's moving to San Francisco ;~;  We went to a Filipino culture event in the neighborhood and I wore that dress, paired with a oriental paper parasol :3  Everyone we passed, I would get quite remarks on how they loved my dress x3  What a special feeling~  When he first saw me in it, it instantly became his favorite dress.
The second & last occasion was actually a Halloween party xP  I didn't really have an outfit to dress up in, but I felt like being sexy in vintage, so that's why I wore it.  I was bright and bubbly that night--might have been the magic of the dress xD

On the occasion that I came to sell this amazing find and my boyfriend's favorite, I hadn't worn it like I should--in the sense of appreciating it you know.  So it was sold in the collection of pieces the buyer from Wear It Again Sam had picked out to fund my Bunny's plane ticket.

And that was my time with three lovely dresses I found at the thrift store xD

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