Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vintage All-In-One Black Lace Merriwidow Corset

I use to own this great corset.  An amazing black lace merriwidow corset *-*  And back then probably, and in my opinion, should be a staple in a girl's closet.

I've always wanted one!  And this was being auctioned off on eBay.  Sadly, at the height of my spending, I didn't care then what size I was getting these beautiful pieces at @~@  I thought I could easily fix it >.>  I never did though >_>  So honestly it just sat there :/  I always meant to find a replacement; one that would actually fit me, but sadly I never made the time for it -_-

What was amazingly kind of the seller when she had mailed it on over, she seriously bestowed on me ANOTHER CORSET *0*

WHAT?! ad*7!3sk#v2

No seller has ever been this gracious and kind to me before *Q*

It was right around Christmas time when I was receiving this corset, and she wrapped it along with the package, sweetly noting 'Thank you to my new customer!  Here is a gift for you!  Happy Holidays!'


It was a short bustier, black and lacy in the same style that zipped up in the front :3

Sadly, I passed it on, as again, she did not know, it wasn't in my size >.>

Since I hadn't been putting my amazing vintage find to use, I went ahead and sold it to make up some money again, working at repaying my debt.  I was excited at the decent price I managed to get for it for the current market of vintage selling, but super bummed to find that the buyer was a store seller of EXPENSIVE HIGH PRICED VINTAGE LINGERIE xO  ;~;  I could've used that money you know :(

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