Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dreaming of Dior: A Cataloging of My Collection

A good friend of mine of The Lost Lola lent me these books in thinking of me ^^

How sweet of her~ :3

A woman blessed with the collection of over a thousand pieces of famously labeled and donned clothing and their stories throughout the eras *-*  It reignited the old idea I had that I would have loved to one day have in the honor of my life, when passing, this great museum collection of my own pieces I owned xD

I've gone through so much @_@  And one would say I am a woman who lives beyond her means, but fashion has had an insistence in me because of my love affair with it :3  I would have loved to have kept them all ._.  But in the spirit of finding a respectable balance, this has been the reason for my occupation as a re-seller.  It has worked out quite fittingly though :3  Each time my wardrobe is refreshed and when I do pass along my fabulous finds, I do so with the intention that another may have the turn in enjoying it ^^  After all, how else would us girls get our turns at our dream dresses? ;)

So this has lead me to do a cataloging of my own through this blog :)  Which was my intention in the first place, but through the spark of inspiration from Charlotte Smith's publishing, I wish to set out to catalog a few past pieces I use to own myself and their stories for the month ^^

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  1. I'm glad you found inspiration in this book! It reminded me so much of you when I was flipping through it, and I think having a catalog of all your clothing is a smashing idea :)