Monday, April 9, 2012

Goorin Bros. Downtown

Today I went with my brother to buy a hat at Goorin Bros. in Downtown, and man was I stunned 0.0

A simple hat shop, and it was GORGEOUS!

I wish I could have taken more pictures, but you know most shops don't allow it.  Their interior decoration was SPECTACULAR!  Vintage themed with old school typewriters, those pop out accordion style cameras, black hat boxes EVERYWHERE with their label printed on it in gold :) and morning glory-like lamp shades that hung from the ceiling resembling vintage phonograph horns >w<

I was more excited about the old school service we received and packaging of the purchase *-*

While trying on hats, the sales associates would ask if he needed another size and even offered to stretch out the only medium they had for the color hat he wanted :3

Spraying his hat with rain & stain repellent, he educated my brother on the proper care of a hat--not to hang it to prevent misshaping and using a hat box when at all possible.
Even the receipt has its own envelope
 with a slot to include their business card and frequent buyer's stamp card :D
*Squeel x3  Even their tissue paper packaging was detailed to fit the theme! >w<

I would come here to buy hats all the time just because of the old school service they provide along with their amazingly well thought out detailed interior design *-*  I was even wearing Lolita and I felt like I traveled back in time just to pick up a hat from an old hat shop that packages it safely like a present ^^
Gah!  And I just got this!
Can't wait to use it! >w<  How incredibly frou-frou x3

Seaport Village when we went to pick up this :3


  1. Replies
    1. xP hahaha imma use it for our brunch meet-up! *-* and we gots to go back to back to the Vignette's and Lola Luna for the Eiffel Tower cookie cutter! :D

  2. awww you and your bro are so kawaii-desu. lol D: WE NEED TO HANG OUUUUUTZZ!

    1. xP thank you! <3 YES WE DO! D: I even hads a present for you for the longest time xP