Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vintage 50s Green Dress

I happened across this through Etsy and thought it was spectacular for the price!
In perfect condition, sturdy, and absolutely lovely for evenings ^^
I wore this dress on two occasions; and since I had an actual decent story to tell with it, I thought I should post it to change it up xD
The first time I wore this dress was on a dinner outing for my brother's birthday :)  During this time period of my fancy with vintage, I'd always wear them with two-toned cuban footed seamed stockings, red lipstick, and cat eyes ^.^  Every time I did, you can't imagine the feeling of being from a completely different time, and seriously feeling ultra sexy like you're Dita Von Teese <3  This night, I even added pearls to recreate the typical 50s woman outfit xP

We went to a fancy restaurant of his choosing.  Not something our family is particularly accustomed to, but we made the most of it by trying things we've never had before that are always mentioned in the category of rich and expensive xP  One of these were truffles! *0*

I'm gonna be silly now and reference a memory from my childhood that I had wanted to try these because of an episode from the cartoon Tale Spin, with Baloo the bear from The Jungle Book.  They went on a trip to solely hunt for truffles, and they had a special pig that sniffed them out especially.  Rebecca went wild for them and went crazy over the thought of how much money she would make off of them o.o

So I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  The dish was a soup, which was delicious, but please tell me why did they spare giving us too much by mincing them? :/  At least it was good I guess, but I still want to try a whole piece! xP

The last occasion I wore this dress to was actually on a date with myself ^^  I've done these from time to time to make myself feel better :3  I got dressed up all fancy, even wore black leather elbow length gloves ^.^  And had sushi with myself! :D


  1. awww! im kind of doing the same thing on friday. XD one of my friends asked me if i wanted to go to prom. i said yes. but he lives in texas. so we were gonna just dress up/get all dolled up and play games online and eat pizza together. LOL

    1. Omg that sounds amazing! *-* Gah! You should totally take pictures! xD I hope you have tons of fun! ^_^