Thursday, April 19, 2012

Black 1950s Vintage Pleated Tulle Dress

I have a special treat for you ^.^  Yes, I know I had one last post xP but this is especially special because this dress was one of my bests~

Another treasure from Capricorn Vintage :)  This dress was the exact image of what you would see in old films filled with glamorous evening dresses on bombshell on screen sirens *-*
Halter top design, rouched bust and lined with boning, and an amazing puffed out skirt with pleated tulle on top *-*  I have to say, I wore this the most :)  And every time I did, I felt like the most glamorous girl in the world!
One occasion that would have to stand out the most was wearing it to a birthday party for a friend at the Hard Rock hotel :)  And I'm not going to forget my red lipstick, seamed stockings, and red pumps to go along with this one ;)  I felt like such a classy lady--at first xP while me and a girlfriend started out with some drinks at the bar ^^  Then once I became more social, I simply visited everyone xD  There was an enormous pool surrounded by BEDS--not your typical lounge chairs :P  It was an entertaining night as I got to be silly and mysterious in this out of the norm dress with new people I didn't know xD
At Rich and Creamy's birthday party
This was another piece that was passed onto Wear It Again Sam; I just hadn't been wearing it as much as I had in the past--but considering how much of a great piece it was, I probably really shouldn't have given it up ;~;

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