Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Sapphire Blue & Black Velvet Vintage 1950s Dress

To start of my closet posting, I will start out with a beautiful blue vintage piece I recently sold on eBay.

A dress I thought I would never sell, but as time passed and as well as my desire for dressing in vintage, I hadn't worn the piece as much as I had the others, so I felt the time had come for me to pass it on to the next lucky owner :3

I found this amazing beauty at a wonderful resale shop in Hillcrest called Flashbacks :)  I love this shop *-*  Merely because they set out to buy the most fabulous, wild finds from vintage to current trends ^^  And vintage is something that you can happen to find plenty of here ^o^

Prices can range from the mid-range to high; not excessively high though.  But they know what they are selling, but still price it in between.

This one you might say was priced a bit high, but at the time I was a bad shopaholic, that when I found something amazing, I just simply wanted it *0*  And this was AMAZING!
See-through royal blue material with black velvet burnout floral print and blue & silver glitter sparkling the whole thing *-*  It had a pink underlay and matching belt.  The dress appeared to be handmade, but had the union label on it :3

It was actually quite a large size when I bought it, and I had intended to take it in to fit me xD  Which ended up working out when with closer inspection, as the dress happened to have bad underarm stains which were cut out entirely when I took it in to my size ^.^

I never wore the dress to anything really special :/  The only time I could account for was one Christmas ^^  I tend to go all out for Christmas xD  Other then that, that's the only story I have for this dress.

A few pieces I will add may not have big tales to tell but they'll certainly have the story on how they were obtained :3

I like to think that this was once some young girl's prom dress that she must have felt the most amazing flower in ^_^

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