Saturday, September 22, 2012

Emily Temple Cute Mermaid JSK

I've gone and traded my ETC Mermaid skirt for the JSK :o
 A lovely friend of mine happened to have the JSK and asked me if I was willing to trade with her--same color and everything--
I didn't really mind it,
it didn't seem that much of a difference;
she didn't have the heart to alter the JSK but wouldn't mind doing so to the skirt to make it fit her.
Anime Conji 2012 Lolita Fashion Party
When I had seen the pictures of it, I wasn't so sure if I really liked the style of it :/
I liked that I could wear my bustle blouse with the skirt I had :3
It has made a great outfit since I've had it,
but this was empire waist and wouldn't provide me with that option :/

Just to still give it some consideration to accommodate her situation,
I thought I'd check it out personally, since some things can do that to you--
be much better looking in person xD
I happened to like the simplicity of it when I put it on :)
I especially love the gold lacing detail >w<
Maybe mostly because it was summer and that happened to sway the decision more so xP

Let's see how I happen to coordinate it though :o

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  1. I think the trade was a good idea~ the cut of this JSK is lovely!