Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yet Another Questionable Item...

I've often questioned this item wondering how the heck to use it/wear it, as it went from my rack of clothes to sell, to hanging it on my wall as the image was simply too nice to wear & was overtaking the whole scarf that there wasn't a way to wear it and see its full beauty... :/

On and off I'd constantly think whether to sell it or hold on to it for future uses as a lovely wall display.

I would get a decent profit from it considering my financial circumstances & goals... As I thought to carry on with the preparations of selling this piece, I wasn't satisfied with the first set of pictures I took, it just wouldn't capture the audience with them, so I took another~ And look at the results, its so beautiful that it gives me ideas and feelings to hold on to it >.<>_>

I had thought to myself earlier, before writing this, 'if I question it so much, maybe I shouldn't keep it'. I had tried to put into action, & keep in mind, the reading for today, questioning the item if it was beautiful, useful, or sentimental, also to write out my thoughts so I can make better decisions :3

I thought to myself that if I had this hung up as a decorative display, I don't think I'd enjoy its beauty well enough to keep it because I question it so much. I am trying to narrow down my collection to things I love. Sometimes I factor in an item's use as display in my own store~ But then I remember that I wanted to do online retail XP Ah, you never know -_- But maybe I shouldn't factor in the future too much in my decisions @_@

Bah! I still don't know x_x

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