Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oh My Gosh, I Want to Keep This...

It's Saturday and I have set the intent to take the day and dedicate it to posting sales online--I seriously need money.

The vintage dresses I have were from a vintage dress lot I purchased and there were a few I liked and wanted to keep, but after coming into a situation of needing the money more, I decided I didn't really need them as they were not my true size anyways; let someone else enjoy them :) they would go for a good price as well :3

This tends to happen; I begin to take pictures of an item and prepare it for selling, then I start to second guess giving it up because of its beauty~ Call them sirens and I'm a weak, foolish sailor on the ship with Odysseus -_-

But the work it would take to make it mine would be too much :/ The dress is a large and would need to be taken in. The skirt is serged to the top and in addition to that, the skirt is pleated x____x

Being away from it and blogging about it right now actually weakens the power of its siren call :] When I pass a glance at it and see its size, I feel a bit more at ease giving it to someone who will enjoy it--and fit it! XD

Thank you for letting me talk about this. I'm glad this is helping me marinate on my thoughts :3

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