Monday, May 17, 2010

Weight On My Mind

So yesterday I realized that I tend to get so confused because I don't have a plan. A lot of my fashion and decorating is pretty random. I also remembered learning in my Management - Organizational Behavior class that artistic people tend to be unstructured. How true this is; I've met so many artistic people who have piles of unfinished projects waiting to be finished. Getting excited with so many ideas that after starting one, get bored and initiate something else XP

I told myself this as comfort to be understanding with myself :3 But of course, I wondered, isn't there still a way to become more structured and balanced eventually? o.o Just doesn't seem the right kind of lifestyle to be living, and I wonder if its something to come to accept or just a change of habit to nurture and support with time?

Anyways, the reading for today helped me define my thoughts from the night before. When bringing order and organization to a room, it shouldn't be done all in one shot because it will become overwhelming and there will be no sense of success and accomplishment~ It's exactly what was going on with me yesterday. I spent the entire weekend prepping and posting sales online that I overwhelmed myself and couldn't think clearly anymore, getting myself lost and not gaining any sense of accomplishment x_x

"...each successful attempt at organizing only reinforces your feelings of taking back control of your life. I had never really considered how being disorganized beneath the surface had weighed upon my mind. had cost me only time (to plan), courage (to show up for work), and creative energy (to do it)."

My disorganization beneath the surface very much weighs on my mind, this is what I would like to tackle during my summer vacation :3

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