Saturday, May 29, 2010

"What Every Woman Should Do Once"

So I have this tiny little gift book I bought awhile back that lists a few things that every woman should do once; one of them being, "try on very expensive clothes in a boutique that you know you can't afford."

After leaving a resell shop, a couple stores down from it, I passed by a fancy dress shop. There was a white dress with floral appliques on a mannequin that I noticed earlier and wanted to check out and possibly get a picture of~ Walking in, I came upon an amazing dress in a similar style--ballerina tutu with floral embroidered appliques & a pleated cumber bun tied into a bow~

I thought to myself, after looking at the price tag of three hundred fifty dollars, that this was one of those moments I should take up to try on a dress I can't afford XD

Uhh~ It was gorgeous, like a spring garden party dress that was slightly reminiscent of the Ice Capades XD

And my the sales associate was friendly! I told her I had never had an experience like this before--being asked if I needed heels or a push-up strapless bra o.o How classy :o

At first I didn't think I was going to try on any more dresses but once I walked towards the entrance, where I originally found the dress, I happened upon two extras--why not? I don't do this everyday!

Oh~pink, and just my size! The first was a 4 which she said they can take in for $25. This pink was a 0 and fit me perfectly :3

And the last... just about happen to be my favorite as the sales associate asked...

Now I would have to be utterly stupid & reckless to buy any of these dresses in my current state; tell me why the sales associate knew to inform me that they had layaway? Xp

You can't imagine... I could find the money to get this dress but it wouldn't go to the most important causes that needed it -_- And yet I'm am still and always surprised that I can get one thing over another as I have several other dresses on my wish list in that price range and/or less but I would instantly let this precede them @_@ My goodness its just too beautiful...just too unique... Which is why I love it soo much >.<

The passage in today's reading was about collecting, but how the collector has a discriminating eye only to what she loves~ and as it turns out, fashion is what I collect...

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