Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Film Noir Fatale - A 1940's Dress


A vintage dress I've been watching/admiring for the past couple of weeks I had intended to some how obtain eventually. Oh my, it was gorgeous and I was star struck XP

The title it held was "FILM NOIR FATALE" 1940's Vintage Dress--they absolutely knew what image to conjure with that title ;) The seller had put up a sale until May 31. This dress was marked down from an extraordinary price of $174.99 to $59.99. I waited and let it sit there in an open tab to admire it as my current situation didn't provide the means to purchase it right away.

Today I had playfully added it to my cart, (mind you this was on Etsy), then abandoned it to give myself time to marinate on it while I focused on my more important priorities--completing the final chapters for my management final tomorrow.

After casually browsing and admiring the dress again, guess what? She MARKED IT DOWN AGAIN TO $49.99!!! Ahhhhhhhh! You can imagine my excitement XD How awesome is that? Thank you Goldmine Trash, the Lord, time, & waiting to make this dress more financially sound for me :3 Yay

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