Monday, November 21, 2011

Dream Come True: Innocent World Lotta JSK (Nordic Blue)

My dream came true~
After two years, and with the help of Trilainna's searching habits xD  I finally got my ultimate number one dream dress *-*
This dress set was a set worth waiting for~

It came with:
  • The head bow
  • Matching blouse
  • JSK
  • Limited edition picnic set
  • & Mirror


I ran around frantically--returning merchandise I had purchased, to make back the funds I had to get it O_o

One thing I'll say I miss were these~

Jeffery Campbell's Zip 2 Snake Skin Shoes *~*

I also posted like crazy--all the best ticket items I could sell and make the most money off of :O

Considering what was included in the set, it was a good deal for what I was getting :)

I was actually sad the morning it came to my door--and there it was when it rang, to pick me up, along with the rest of the day:

A gift from Victoria's Secret :3
and support and encouragement from a post office worker I've befriend there who told me I was going places, that I'm gonna be someone, because I've got a good head on my shoulders ;~; <3

I was lucky to have included in the set, my first Lolita blouse xD  And it goes with the set! :O  The lace matches it exactly!
It came just in time for PMX :)  And I wore it along side my other valued pieces: Metamorphose's Twinkle Journey & Baby the Stars Shine Bright Bunny Milk Snow Strawberry :)
Photo credit: Mike Rollerson
I never made a post on obtaining this piece :<  Shame on me >.>  But it was a piece I wanted very much as well @~@  We were all there, a group of us girls at a tea party meet, and as this tends to follow, we all gathered online and were starstruck over Meta's new Twinkle Journey release @_@  Ugh, how could we not want it? :O  Its practically a print of The Last Unicorn! *~*  I swooned over the page daily, and debated and worked over in my head how to get it, or which one would I even get O.O  Until one day of fortune, my good friend sold it to me *~*
I received a precious experience that this was what they meant by being patient; what you're wishing for is coming to you in perfect timing~

Speaking of which, I also purchased Innocent World's British Bear's JSK in cafe au lait at an INCREDIBLE PRICE! :O  And in perfect timing too!  I was fortunate enough to come across it while casually browsing the comm_sales and find it at its third and final reduction! :O

I had been meaning to seek this print out and buy it in general, but now to wear in theme for my family Christmas :) Plaid.  And how perfectly fitting to make the theme more lovely in Lolita :3
Isn't the cord I've created for it wonderful?! :D
I already had the socks for some time now, and now here it is complete with its matching dress :)

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  1. you. have. lotta. i have been dying to get my hands on one! it's one of my wishlist items! it's adorable and so elegant too!! lucky!!!!