Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm So Excited XDDD

I didn't know what to wear for the Lolita Comic-Con meet x.x I was practically frantic and actually stressing about it x( Everything I had, I had already worn the past years--I don't care, I still want to wear something different :p and anything new I had was too hot to wear :(

I couldn't very well buy anything as I was already trying to have the security to get me around San Francisco on my visit, and it was too late to even make anything, let alone have the materials to complete it (>_<) There was only one other option on my mind, besides a set I was debating on the comm_sales: a dress I had seen awhile back that I've been wanting. Considering it was at a resale shop and had no tag, I wondered to myself if I could possibly use my stuff to trade for it or even negotiate the price :3 When I had first seen it, they told me $35. $25 would be a price I'd be more willing to pay...

Browsing the shop, after awhile, feeling I might have missed my opportunity and it might have sold already... I found it o.o I asked again for the price and this time, $35 was still the price, but now on sale o.o 20% off. With tax she said it would be $30, still a bit much then I'd be willing to pay, and after saying so, she suggested, "How about $25?" O.O OH MY GOOOOOSH! :O YAAAAAY!!! XDDDD awwwesome XD I love my marketing teacher for this XDDD *heart*

It wasn't completely Lolita, at least not to the standards the popular majority would approve of :/ but it was enough to get me by for the day. It also reminded me of the style of dress Princess had from one of the Lolita brands I can't remember, as well as some styles I've seen in the magazines, so I felt if anyone questioned it... there Xp

I really liked the accessories I paired it with though. A heavy metal brass doe necklace I haven't had the opportunity to wear, from Fanplusfriend; a 3-strand pearl choker with a clever skeleton cameo, that I don't think many noticed, purchased awhiiiile back from Hot Topic; black lace-up stiletto peep toe boots that I also don't often wear (>.>) from Alloy's; and another hardly worn vintage white and black sophisticated looking hat XD

Another option I was hoping for, but not so much counting on, was a skirt I had commissioned and had been sent on its way *.* I felt, 'that would be AWESOME if it happened to come in that day for me to wear *O* But I felt that wasn't possible as international shipping tends to take awhile. Miraculously though, IT CAME :O I didn't happen to be home by the time it came though (>.>) But either way, the outfit I wore was fine and I'm still excited about my skirt and now have something to wear for another occasion! XD

Now let me tell you about this skirt... that it was something I had been pining after, searched for, and fortunately acquired *.*

I had seen a sales post on the egl_comm_sales
awhile back, with a commissioned skirt that was lovely in every way *o* At the time though, I didn't feel I wanted to spend the money to buy it--but quickly regretted it after it sold T___T I figured I could find the material to make it, no problem, but the problem became the fact that I COULDN'T FIND IT! XO Not even the one who made it--for the time being. But after some time passed and I was admiring the picture once again, I did a search for the seamstress... and found her *O* YAAAAAAAAY!!! XD

She had a skirt for sale with the same print, different design, and I asked her about the skirt she had made, if she would be able to make the same for me o.o

Oh she was so friendly and kind, and before you knew it, I was in my very first commissioned transaction o.o How exciting :3

I was scared it might not have been, because she had to first check with her suppliers if they had the same fabric as it had been awhile since she had made the skirt I was asking for. The first response she gave me was that they had it in black. Now as my boyfriend would have liked this Xp I was really keen on the white XD It was just too majestic XDDD ahahahaha After a bit of a wait for her to hear back from her suppliers if they still had it in white--they did! :D

The commission began with a "down payment" for the materials o.o Ooo more time to complie the money XDDD When she had finished it in good time, she asked my approval, which first the top layer had appeared to be shorter than the original picture. I was amazed and grateful she was happy to make the adjustments--she had such wonderful service, it was such a pleasant experience that I did not expect as I have never experienced it before, but she had said that she wanted to make sure people were happy with what they were purchasing :3 *heart*

She even had her own label! :O

Am very satisfied and a current favorite XD Absolutely smitten right now~


  1. Hello, after reading your comment on my blog, I came here, because I was curios to see your blog, and to my surprise found this entry.
    Wow it makes me so very happy to read this ^__^, I also really like the pictures you took of the skirt.
    Would you mind if I link to this entry on my website? It might be usefull to future customors to read such a wonderfull review.
    This is my website .
    Please let me know.
    Thank you in advance,
    From Karin

  2. Oh absolutely! :D Every time I wear it out I always have to tell people the story :p I'm honored and touched XD And excited to have another follower XD