Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Drip Diamond Necklace

People don't realize the extent of my collection...

Yes, I own this--

You must know that when it comes to me and jewelry, I want the kind that royalty would wear O.O Really fancy, elaborate, neck covering pieces XD

A couple years ago, I went to the San Diego Comic Convention and there was a booth filled with the most stunning jewelry *0*

Oh I wanted one~

The one I wanted was actually different from this, bigger, gaudier, and of course, more expensive x.x

I still wanted to have one o.o So I settled on this piece. It was the most expensive piece of jewelry I had ever bought, and the first time I had ever accomplished finding and procuring the kind that I like :D

Of course you must note that this was put on credit--which I am now trying to get myself out of x(

I don't remember the exact cost, and I wish I still had the receipt :/ But I know it was well over $100 if not close to $200 @_@ But I could be exaggerating at $200. Which is why I really wish I remembered what it cost and that I had kept the receipt :(

I am now actually thinking to sell this piece...

Thinking over my situation and my goals, I really can't keep any of these things anymore :( In all fairness, I bought them when I didn't have the money to pay for them--I put it all on credit. And to get myself out, I reasonably have to sell back the things I bought.

The positive to this that makes me feel a bit better is now someone else gets to find joy from my collection :3 Most of them I don't get to use often, so they don't get to be fully appreciated...

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