Saturday, June 5, 2010

My First Lesson In Sacrifice

I am beginning to learn what it is to sacrifice XP

I've been frantic for money this week because I've been foolish in screwing myself over between indulging, paying for those indulgences, and paying for my bills x.x

I was desperate for quick, immediate, large lump sum money, which caused me to forfeit my higher priced items for sale, so I could feel secure about taking down a large chunk of my debt to hold me over... But it frustrated me TERRIBLY! As it comes down to the fact that not everybody purchases impulsively :/ ESPECIALLY NOW IN THIS ECONOMY x_x No knights in shining armor here... (._.) ~I'll be contemplating on it some more, but it could also just be me, my messages not reaching enough potential customers, or what I have to offer just doesn't have a market :(

But anyway! One item I thought to sell was a Coach bag I received as a Christmas gift from my ex-boyfriend's mom, (it was the first popular name brand item I owned, as I don't care much for them. I hadn't used it in awhile & I figured, considering having so much and needing the money more, I could get quick cash if I sold it to a buy-sell-trade store like Flashbacks or Buffalo Exchange :3 But I thought, 'I have enough time in the day to see if I might be able to sell it to anybody around for more' o.o No comments, messages, or emails; so you can sense my discouragement as I am an impatient person who wants to see immediate results -_-

A few thoughts that had crossed my mind in scheming a way to sell this bag and make money, (I'm a schemer), I knew the ones most likely to buy it, (and immediately), was my family; because it has to do with image, brand, and a good deal; they love owning brand names :3 I drew up a blank on my mother's side, but hours later, I realized there were more potential customers on my dad's side. I hadn't visited them yet. With more of my family members recently moving here from the Philippines, they would be glad of me to have come.

Horray for grandmas and family :D because she bought my bag for $60 and my auntie donated clothing items for me to sell :3 Everyone knows me to take in any donations of whatever because I don't like improperly disposed of items that I will take it upon myself to make sure they are properly taken care of ^_^ They are my sources of income but whatever I don't sell, I donate :)

As I detached myself more and more from the bag, I felt more better about the money securing me for my payments and purchases ^.^ It's just one of those things that after you go through it, you realize what it's for, things get easier, and the outcome is much more gratifying ^_^

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